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SALDtech changes its name to SparkNano
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SALDtech’s spatial ALD technology enables our customers to design and mass produce the next generation energy- and display devices with a highly reduced use of scarce materials while maintaining excellent performance

Latest news

SALDtech present at the World Hydrogen Summit

Monday morning May 9th – Hall 6 stand B7 – Dutch pavilion.
Huib Heezen and Koen Driessen are looking forward to meet you at this great event!

SALDtech Selected to Present at the 2022 NREL Industry Growth Forum

One of 40 cleantech startups selected globally, SALDtech will present its complete S-ALD product series to potential investors and other cleantech industry stakeholders.

SALDtech announces it is entering additional markets and applications

After developing the OLED display market for which SALDtech offers solutions for encapsulation and high mobility Oxide layers, it now enters the energy market. "Based on requests from customers, we started to develop applications for the electrolysers, fuel cells, PV...

New office

SALDtech moves it's headquarters to High Tech Campus building 5 in Eindhoven. Due to a growing organisation SALDtech needed additional office and lab space which was found at this location.

SALDTech Announcement

SALDtech is proud to announce it received the Anton and Gerard Award for being one of the 10 most promising start-ups in the Brainport region.


Energy market

For the energy market we offer the multiple applications. For PEM electrolysers our S-ALD tools can deposit extreme thin Iridium oxide and platinum layers as catalyst, resulting in a 20 times lower catalyst load. For perovskite solar cells our tools can deposit the Zink oxide buffer layers resulting in a stability and efficient solar cells. And for batteries we can passivate the anode extending the lifetime as this prevents electrolyte degeneration.

Display market

For display we offer two applications. The first is encapsulation of the OLED material using ultra-thin and flexible Al2O3 and SiO2 layers resulting in very low WVTR rates. Secondly our tools can deposit oxide semiconductor layers for TFT’s using nano-laminates of Indium, Gallium and Zink oxides resulting in electron mobilities over 70 cm2/Vs.


Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) is a gas-phase thin-film deposition method used to apply thin films of various functional materials for a wide range of applications. ALD is famous for the ability to deposit high quality films with unparalleled uniformity and step coverage. Because of these reasons ALD has become one of the manufacturing methods for present day semicon devices.
The main drawback of ALD is it’s low deposition rate (nm/min range) and its limited scalability to substrates larger than 300 mm wafers, making conventional ALD too slow and too expensive other applications.

Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition (S-ALD) has therefore been developed to speed-up and scale-up ALD to high deposition rates and large area substrates. This enables cost-effective, high throughput and large-area ALD for improving performance and lifetime of applications in electrolysis, fuel cells, photovoltaics, batteries and displays

S2S Plate

The image above shows the spatial separation of reactive gasses above the substrate, enabling the high deposition rate.



SALDtech develops and supplies cutting edge Spatial ALD equipment for every step in the development
and manufacturing process. Our offering consists of versatile – Labline-series tools that are flexible to develop and optimize new applications and processes. For testing new materials and precursors on planar and porous substrates up 30 cm x 30 cm.

For industrial scale manufacturing we offer high throughput large-area sheet-to-sheet Spatial ALD (up to 1.5 m2) with our Vellum-series and roll-to-roll Spatial ALD (up to 1.5 m wide) with our Omega-series tools.

Combined with the leading experts in Spatial ALD processes and equipment in our team, we are the Spatial ALD powerhouse that helps our customers to bring Spatial ALD from the lab to fab.